The next revolution in recruiting is here.
Now, only pay per applicant.


Tired of wasting valuable time, money and energy and not getting enough applicants?

With Applify™, you get the power of our network and a more efficient pricing model, in one easy-to-use solution.


Manage costs by only paying when someone applies.

Gain Greater Reach

The Applify Network approach puts your posting in front of more candidates with no extra effort.

Easy ROI Tracking

With the Applify dashboard, you always know what you’re paying for and what you get as a result.

Features & Benefits

Put Applify to work for you
in five easy steps.

Applify, promote your postings

Step 1:

Applify takes open positions from your company career site so you can select the ones you want to promote.

Applify, set your price-per-applicant

Step 2:

Next, you set the price you’re willing to pay per applicant, and the total number of applicants you’re looking to find or the total budget you want to spend on applicants.

Applify, extend your reach with the Applify Network

Step 3:

Your job is then promoted across the Applify Network to maximize the reach of your posting across the web.

Depending on the type of applicant you’re looking for, the kinds of online properties your posting will appear on can range from traditional job boards, to industry-specific sites, local government job boards, newspaper career sites, and more.

Applify, choose candidates to hire.

Step 4:

When candidates respond to your job posting, applications flow in to your ATS, making the next step in your hiring process as seamless as possible.

Check the Applify dashboard anytime before, during, or after your campaign, for robust real-time hiring analytics that provide total control over spending and results.

Applify, pay-per-applicant

Step 5:

And remember, you only pay when you receive an applicant.

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